Haimen Dieshiqiao International Home Textile Industrial Park Held Investment Promotion Mobilization

On the afternoon of March 21, the Investment Promotion Bureau of Dieshiqiao International Home Textile Industrial Park in Haimen, Jiangsu, held the departmental plenary meeting with four new members for the first time. The meeting was chaired by Huang Wei, director of the China Merchants Bureau, and Mao Minyong, deputy director of the Management Committee of the park, attended and gave a speech, and invited Gu Huaping, director of the Beijing Bureau of Haimen Investment Promotion Bureau, to take a training course for all of China Merchants. Huang Wei interpreted the “Opinions on Investment Promotion of Haimen Dieshiqiao International Home Textile Industrial Park” in detail, emphasizing that after the reform of the system and mechanism, the focus of investment promotion will be changed from a single industry investment promotion to a comprehensive overall investment invitation. Assessment. Afterwards, Gao Hongjun, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Organization, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the park, conveyed the spirit of instructions for investment promotion. It is pointed out that it is necessary to highlight the attraction of large projects, stimulate the vitality of the investment promotion team, clarify the requirements and direction of investment promotion, and strengthen the management, organization, and evaluation of investment promotion work, focusing on direction, pressure, and hope. Mao Minyong, deputy director of the Management Committee of the park, put forward requirements for the work of China Merchants, on the one hand, it should play a team role. Individuals and the whole are inseparable. Each sub-director must have the courage to build a wolf team. On the other hand, we must make clear the key points of investment promotion. We must have the belief that “the success must not be in me, and the success must be in me”, strengthen the systemic learning and internal communication, fully integrate the resources of all parties, and focus on the mega projects. After the meeting, Gu Huaping, Director of the Beijing Bureau of Haimen Investment Promotion Bureau, trained the investment promotion commissioners and shared the experience of investment promotion from five aspects. The first is to keep pace with the times and learn to understand the operating modes and development trends outside the system. Improve the level of internal market-oriented operations. The second is to have a consciousness that must be achieved by mission. Adhere to the attitude that 99 points is 0 points. Regardless of the process, just look at the results, exhaust everything and complete the task. The third is to have comprehensive and comprehensive capabilities, to understand policy, planning, and industry, and to understand, communicate, and learn. Fourth, there must be coordination of supporting services. Provide enterprises with a series of supporting services such as registration, bidding, and environmental assessment. Fifth, there must be an industrial humanistic ecology. Through the form of exhibitions, forums, road shows, etc., it is possible to cultivate an industrial ecology and use the existing traffic to exert leverage.