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"Dieshiqiao Home Textiles" APP / public number is the official platform for Dieshiqiao International Home Textile Industrial Park, which is developed and managed by Jiangsu Dieshiqiao International Trade Co., Ltd. This App / Public Account is dedicated to building a foreign merchant resource platform for Dieshiqiao. Through official channels and market-oriented operations, it strives to develop more than 10,000 overseas home textile buyers within three years, by integrating local foreign trade companies and units interested in international trade. , The overall export of merchant resources to help local enterprises contact foreign merchants and docking merchant orders, reduce the cost of local enterprises to expand the international market, and provide a shared exchange platform. If you are a foreign buyer interested in purchasing home textiles, then you can contact us and we will provide Free translation, market inspection, factory recommendation, sample development and other services; if you are a supplier and want to expand overseas markets, then you can find us, we will provide buyer information, foreign trade orders, overseas joint exhibitions, foreign trade product development, foreign trade trusteeship , Foreign trade consulting, etc. If you are interested in participating in or expanding the foreign trade market through the "Dieshiqiao Home Textile" platform, you can leave a message or contact the customer service staff, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Contact us: Tel: 0513-82288009 WeChat: DSQ-home-textile Email: dsq03@dearsqtex.com WeChat public number: Dieshiqiao Hometextile App Download: Android-Dieshiqiao Hometextile Apple-China Dieshiqiao Hometextile Website: http: //www.dearsq.com.cn/Contact address: Dieshiqiao International Trade Exhibition Center, 2nd Floor, Gate 3, Block C, Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City.