"Belt and Road" online trade fair in Dieshiqiao home textile town accelerates planning

At present, the "global pandemic" of the new crown epidemic has caused a major impact on the world economy, especially international trade. With the delay and cancellation of various exhibitions around the world, Dieshiqiao Home Textile Town is in danger of seizing the opportunity, boldly exploring and innovating. , Actively promote the online and offline integration development of the exhibition, with the help of modern Internet technology, move the fair online, planning to organize the “Belt and Road” Dieshiqiao Home Textile Online Fair in the first half of this year. At this “Belt and Road” Dieshiqiao Home Textiles Online Fair, more than 100 Dieshiqiao foreign trade merchants participated offline and invited more than 200 professional buyers and VIP buyers from more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Hand, Canton Fair merchants, etc. simultaneously log in to the online platform, through offline display, online communication, and inquiry order, to achieve online and offline integration, remote display and negotiation, domestic and foreign synchronization, in Dieshiqiao home textile market Create a new platform for truly intelligent exhibitions. At that time, the "Belt and Road" Dieshiqiao Home Textiles Online Trade Fair will be presented in a new mode, which will make Dieshiqiao Home Textiles face the world and the world from zero distance, which is also the practice of Dieshiqiao Home Textiles Town. Active exploration and active practice of development concepts.