Nantong Dieshiqiao Home Textile Park "line-to-line" investment promotion chain

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dieshiqiao International Home Textile Industrial Park has maintained the epidemic prevention and control, and has continued to rely on pressure, forge ahead, innovate and improve, and moved the investment promotion work to "online" through the "screen-to-screen" method to ensure that The chain of investment promotion continues. At 10 pm on March 7, Gao Hongjun, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Organization, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the park, video-connected to the chairman of a company to discuss development, cooperation, and implementation online. Gao Hongjun said that the current epidemic situation, although it is not convenient to meet, but the park's adhering to the concept of "respect for business and business" will not change, the attitude of "non-discriminatory" to foreign businessmen will not change, and the approach of "green light" for service projects will not change , Will escort enterprises with better services, and sincerely invite the chairman to invest in the park to negotiate. The chairman said that during the epidemic period, the main leaders of the park really touched the development of the company and moved him. At the same time, he deeply felt the attentiveness, dedication and sincerity of the park government. Through this video connection, he further strengthened his confidence in investing in the park. , We must speed up the project to land, and make Dieshiqiao become its second hometown. After the video dialogue ended, Gao Hongjun convened related departments overnight to clarify the timetable, roadmap and number of tasks for the project to ensure that the project starts early. The business invitation does not meet and the service is not stopped. The Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of the park are dedicated to the development of the enterprise, help the project to be implemented, and demonstrate the responsibility by actual actions.