The impact of Sino-US trade on home textiles

When the Sino-US trade dispute came out, the foreign trade enterprises were speeding up the completion of the previous orders and striving to complete the export before the trade war. Therefore, the textile and garment export performance in the past two months was still good. However, the new export orders will be affected afterwards. Overall, the impact of trade wars on the textile industry will be smaller than other industries, because many companies have already carried out overseas layouts in advance, and can flexibly adjust product lines, such as transferring US orders from domestic factories to foreign factories, China does Orders from other countries. The prospect of a Sino-US trade war is difficult to judge. But the time will not be too long. It is expected that China and the United States will return to the negotiating table in one year or more. Because China’s annual exports to the United States amount to 505 billion U.S. dollars, it takes a long time to find alternatives. Therefore, the trade war is a matter of both losses. It will certainly affect the lives of both Chinese and Americans. , put pressure on the US government. Therefore, it is expected that it will not take a long time. However, if the fight is long and serious, there is a possibility of a global economic crisis. The Sino-US trade war is not only a matter for China and the United States. If China cannot export its products to the United States, it will not be able to import the required raw materials, which will inevitably have a global impact. Therefore, we hope to resolve it in a short period of time.