The future of the stacked stone bridge home textile town

The towns in the impression of the average person are like this. The small bridges are flowing, the white walls are covered with tiles, and the warmth is warm; the shop merchants, pedestrians and merchants are busy and busy; whether it is a fresh and natural morning, or a misty In the evening, calm, calm and calm is the same theme. In July of this year, Dieshiqiao Home Textile Town was successfully selected into the list of the second batch of characteristic towns in the province. Everyone has more expectations for the construction and development of the town. I believe that the ideal town of Dieshiqiao Home Textiles should be a combination of impression and reality. It is both organic, sizzling, prosperous, and prosperous. It also has a quaint old street, a landscaped forest, and an island lake. The natural taste of the beach is an animated volume of prosperity, natural life and ecological livability. The prosperity of the industry is the foundation of a strong town. Characteristic towns must abandon the low-end, messy, disorderly model and develop industrial formats based on R&D design, building economy, financial information, and e-commerce logistics. The row of standard factory buildings is a gathering industry. The chic building of a building is creative research and development. The neon flashing is a freehand and leisure. Every creative idea is wisdom inspiration, and every brand is exquisite and warm. Whether it's strolling around the factory or squatting in the neighborhood, it's a people-oriented space, and the air in the town is filled with factors that trigger entrepreneurial passion. Life is naturally the foundation of the town. The true state of the town is to return to life and return to nature. On the corner of the street and in the waterfront, there are a group of tourists from Tiannanhaibei, who taste the food here and enjoy the joy of shopping spree. Workers who sweat and rain, work hard, return home and move a table, hot pot Old wine, self-drinking, forgetting the fatigue of the day; the family who came out early, worked for a day, took the children after dinner, played in the street garden, and left a family of three warm shadows under the street lights. The town without real life portrayal is boring and vivid, showing the ordinary life vividly, so that everyone in the town can remember the homesickness, stay in the country, and live in the village is the most vivid portrayal of the town. Ecological livability is the source of vitality. The key to the vitality of the town is the ecologically livable, with the function of collecting and repairing. Although there are no prosperous markets and luxury items in the town, the long-established shops and the dazzling bedding make people feel the warmth of their homes. Although there are no modern and modern buildings and magnificent parks, the unique street sculptures can be seen everywhere and have unique shapes. Tingtai Xuanyuan complained that the passing and winding lanes were fascinating, and the history and future of the town were scattered in every corner. In addition to these, there are also Zhang Wei, Shen Shou, Wang Yishen's heavy humanistic feelings, Taoqing people's sentiments; blue sky and white clouds and clear water, clean and beautiful, cleansing people's hearts. Related News