Government guides post to help cross-border transformation

Recently, the second floor of the cross-border e-commerce center of Dieshiqiao Home Textile Town was filled with a festive and lively atmosphere. Nantong Post and Dieshiqiao Home Textile Town jointly sponsored a cross-border e-commerce transformation business promotion conference is here. Grandly held.

As the largest home textile industry cluster market in China, Dieshiqiao Home Textile City has superior geographical conditions, convenient transportation, rich home textile products, and developed express delivery logistics. It has an excellent market operating environment. Nantong Post and Dieshiqiao Home Textile Town also regard Dieshiqiao area as their key development target in their respective fields. The development of domestic e-commerce has driven the rapid economic growth of Dieshiqiao industry. As the growth rate of the domestic trade market is becoming more and more limited, how to consider the distribution of markets and resources from a global perspective in an increasingly complex competitive environment, improve competitiveness, and enhance competitive position gradually become the direction of everyone's thinking. Xu Quan, the seller, introduced himself to the rapid growth of doubling and doubling sales from the initial daily average of only US $ 200 per day in terms of sales product selection, shopping interests of foreign people, store promotion strategies, logistics options, and after-sales maintenance skills. At the same time, it also expressed its most sincere gratitude to Amazon platform and Post International Service. The customer's successful experience came to the scene to bring the atmosphere to a climax. Next, Chen Zhuo, Deputy Manager of International Business Branch of Nantong Post Delivery Division, explained in detail the international air express delivery business, maritime business, and Xingdong International Airport 9610 cross-border project, and strived to provide the most abundant international customers Logistics options and the best quality warehousing services. The security service manager of Nantong Post Savings Bank focused on the difficulties of small and micro enterprises around the products of "Post-speed Loan". The Postal Savings Bank escorted it with reasonable interest rates and rapid loan disbursement. Full support for the development of e-commerce customers also won warm applause from the guests.  "The activities of Dieshiqiao Home Textile Town and Nantong Post today are really rich. I thought that the post was a courier service. I still have such a strong international business and so many partners. I have been issued by the government. The latest support policies, Amazon platform store opening tips, and new postal banking business are really worth it! I also need to plan this year's cross-border transformation and sales! "The domestic domestic e-commerce customer En Xing, the home textile owner invited by the event, Peng Fei Say. A series of measures such as cross-border policy support in Shidieshiqiao Home Textile Town, postal delivery and financial advantage resource support, domestic e-commerce customer transformation, and Amazon platform operation guarantee are forming a closed-loop chain reaction. ", Cross-border transformation."