Dieshiqiao, traditional home textiles put on "new clothes"

Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City is the largest home textile market in China and the third home textile market in the world. The Dieshiqiao market, which has more than 20,000 home textile companies, has an annual turnover of more than 100 billion yuan online and offline, forming a complete industrial chain of "weaving, dyeing, printing, finished products, research and development, and logistics." They have long smelled the business opportunity of "recycled fiber", and some local enterprises have been involved in the industrial division of resource recycling. RPET fabric, also known as recycled polyester environmental protection fabric, cola bottle environmental protection cloth, renewable polyester material, recycled material, etc., is a new type of environmental protection made of various types of fabrics by using waste cola bottles and other processed yarns. Fabric. Recently, many companies have re-developed and woven recycled environmentally friendly fabrics. This fabric has been widely used by customers in various fields such as luggage, apparel, home textiles, outdoor products, medical treatment, and automotive interiors. It takes 450 years for plastic products to bury in the ground to decompose, and 1 kg of plastic products is equivalent to 0.8 liters of crude oil. One ton of plastic = 0.8 tons of crude oil saved = 4.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions reduced = 6.2 tons of water saved.