Dieshiqiao is committed to building the bridge of the world, the port of trade

From the 26th to the 29th of this month, Dieshiqiao will once again welcome the grand opening of the Home Textile International Expo. Compared with the previous editions, this home textile international fair has been greatly improved. This event is based on the theme of quality home textiles and enjoyment of fashion. At the same time as the 2019 China National Textile Quality Conference and the Zhangye Cup·2019 China International Home Textile Product Design Competition Awards Ceremony It can be said that good works display, big brand gathering, traders gathering, strong industrial cluster participation, rich products, excellent quality and complete categories are a high-quality, global trade event. In addition to the existing more than 10,000 home textile brands in the Dieshiqiao home textile market, the exhibition invited domestic famous brands and industrial clusters to participate, including Mingyuan Home Textiles from Shandong, which is a star brand for foreign trade textiles; Decoration, the leading domestic textile brand; the gold wall tiger art from Shenzhen, the industry leader of brand furniture. In addition, Guangzhou Huadu, Hebei Baigou, Gaoyang and other well-known domestic industrial clusters as well as some trading companies and foreign exhibitors also participated in the exhibition. The products they bring include textile intelligent machinery, bags, leather goods, towels, blankets, silk embroidery, toys and so on. At present, there are nearly 200 domestic and foreign buyers who have been invited to participate. Domestic buyers mainly come from industries and platforms such as home textile brand stores, e-commerce platforms, supermarket stores, and other home markets. Overseas buyers from more than 20 countries and regions including Italy, France, Poland, the United States, Australia, Russia and Vietnam