2020 China National Textile Trends Theme Concept Released

The "2020 China Home Textile Trend" launched by the China Home Textile Industry Association and the Italian Constantine Fashion Design Group, has completed the study of the trend concept, which will be held in Shanghai on August 28, 2019 in China International Home Textiles and The accessories (autumn and winter) Expo was officially released. "2020 China Household Textile Trends" through the full investigation and analysis of domestic and foreign markets, from the consumer's lifestyle and emotional needs, launched the "matte", "rise", "seed", "brave" four trends The theme, to the industry and the public to convey the new season of home textile fashion, while guiding enterprise product research and development, to promote the design innovation of the home textile industry. In order to make the trend more closely integrate with the development status of China's textile industry, closely follow the market, and better promote the guiding role of fashion trends in the home textile industry, China National Textile Association will launch the “2020 China Home Textile Trends Product” for the whole industry. Work, welcome to participate in the textile industry clusters, enterprises and designers, and the final selection of products will be exhibited in the industry at the trend release exhibition. After the exhibition, “2020 China Home Textile Trends” will also be displayed in the “China National Textile Trend Promotion Base” – Jiangsu Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City for long-term display promotion.